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Healing skin from within

Healing the Skin from Within

  • A lot of attention has been on Chinese medicine particularly in the past few decades for numerous health reasons, one of them being anti-aging. Some of the most important plant components for anti-aging include saponins, polysaccharides and alkaloids (Jiang, et al 2017).

  • He shou wu (Polygonum multiflorum) is a Chinese herb, often included in formulas. A randomized controlled trial Investigated the way that these herbs could slow the aging process. Apoptosis, is a natural process of an aging cell, the Chinese herbal medicine formulae based on He shou wu was used in the clinical trial and was shown to be successful at reducing the rate of apoptosis within cells. (Chen J, hui C, Liu H, Liu X, Niu S, et al 2016).

  • Ganoderma lucidum (Ling Zhi) is a Chinese herb used for centuries, a randomized, double blind crossover study divided 42 healthy individuals into two groups, one that took a capsule of Ling Zhi and one that took a placebo capsule. After 6 to 7 months, the findings supported the anti-aging effect of Ling Zhi. The study found the rich plant chemical profile, the antioxidant activity & liver protecting actions of the fungi contributed to the anti-aging effect (Chiu HF, Fu HY, Golovinskaia O, Han YC, Lu YY, et al 2017). These Studies support the anti-aging effect of Chinese medicine, yet further high quality clinical trials are encouraged.

  • From a Chinese medicine perspective, the kidneys are essential for the health and vitality of the body. As we age the kidney essence becomes less, effecting our bones, teeth, hair colour, growth, fertility, hearing ability & vitality. Reflectively kidney health is a vital aspect of aging (Xing-Tai, 2017).

  • At Health and harmony we Taylor treatment plans depending on your individual needs. Many of the Chinese herbal formulas contain numerous herbs each with slightly different actions, this balances and enhances the formulas overall effect.

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