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Intense Pulse Light & Beauty

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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photo-rejuvenation, Sun Damage &

Pigmentation Reduction.


Super Skin Rejuvenation (SSR) Treats:

Sun Damage


Uneven SkinTone



Vascular Health


Before & after IPL photo rejuvenation it is strongly advised to avoid direct sun exposure for 24-48 hours.

IPL (SSR) is a light therapy that can stimulate the skins natural healing process & help protect the skin from premature aging & dis-ease. IPL can successfully treat sun damage, pigmentation (caused by sun) and rejuvenate the skin, which can take between 1 to 6 sessions, some people get results very quickly, while others can take a little longer.

Pigmented lesions are cleared by heating the melanosome which compose the lesions.

This heats and injures the melanocytes which produce the Melanosomes.The lesion then darkens slowly as it rises to the surface of the skin. This effect is called milo-ing and can look similar to specs of milo on the face. This can be covered by make up & will slough off naturally in around 1-3 weeks.


Skin takes 28 days to rejuvenate and repair cells, therefore you may initially be little visible results in this time frame.

Light can travel only 5mm under the skin, sun damage is located close to the surface of the skin (the lighter the pigment, the deeper it is, the longer it takes to treat) and will be treated very effectively.

Every treatment should be placed 4 weeks apart to allow for best results.

Please be aware that our IPL has a 95 percent success rate and is very safe, however, results will vary between individuals.

To maintain the results from your ILP sessions less frequent maintenance treatments are recommended.

Redness reduction

Depending of the severity of your redness will depend on how many treatments needed. Normally 5- 7 is the average amount. After treatment you are likely to notice a calming of the skin.

The redness is cleared by selectively heating the oxyhaemoglobin in the blood within the vein, causing the blood to coagulate and the thread vein to break up into particles that can be filtered away naturally through the lymphatic system in your body.

Depending of the severity of your redness the number of treatments needed can vary. Normally 5- 7 is the average amount. After treatment you are likely to notice a calming of the skin. Occasionally slight reddening of the skin occurs, however this is an infrequent side effect and usually only lasts for a few hours.

Immediately after treatment some thread veins can disappear but may re-occur a few days later, but be less visible. With further treatment these veins will disappear and are not likely to reoccur.

However once you have a tendency to facial redness, you always will, so new veins may appear at some point in the future making further maintenance treatment necessary.

To help prevent new veins & pigmentation from forming we strongly advise the use of a good sunscreen.

IPL is suitable for certain skin types please contact our clinic for consultations.

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